Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Bevs is Back!

At Armour Park
34th and shields. Still unclear who is behind the revival of the storied dog cart and recipient of the bnews # 1 dog in the streets award. 

Husky Hog Is Parking In Armour Square

Husky Hog BBQ has setup shop on 31st Shields to add to the neighborhood's food truck flavor.

Parking Meter App Making Things Easier

The parking meter app will allow residence to not dig into those deep pockets for change and instead pay via credit card stored on your phone. No word on surge pricing yet, but keep an eye out for those sky high Uber rates that have sucker punched many readers checking accounts.

Comings and Goings

The Chicago Hairport has left us on 31st street and The Wing Stop is coming in next to the Footlocker on 31st.

B! Entertainment Edition

Rumor in neighborhood has it that TK had decided to bring the studded black leather glove out of retirement and start struttin for tips. Contact him at 19008886969

Punkys Hits it Big With Blackhawks Pizza

The 26th street eatery, known around Bport for their Lenten specials, has been featured all over the local news and on CNNSI's Extra Mustard for their terrific looking Blackhawks pizza,  Nice job guys!

Awesome Baseball Fan Map

The NY Times has a great new map that breaks down where the fans of certain teams live in the USA.  Check it out here to view which team your area favors.

Spotted - Postgame Edition!

Tampa Rays coach Joe Madden dropped by Cork & Kerry for a few post game beers after the Sox/Rays clash Friday night.  Madden told the guys that Bridgeport reminds him of his old neighborhood in Hazelton, Pennsylvania and went on to chat about local baseball trends with the group.

Spotted! Bnews Doppelgänger Edition

Sources have confirmed that J. Walz's evil spawn has reached the Chicago area. Some speculate as to how many exist, some say he may be the antichrist. May God have mercy on our souls


Two prominent members of  the Bridgeport community were featured in yesterday's episode of Rahm's docu-drama Chicagoland.  The Farnese Director of Currency Exchange Demographics and the Head of the local branch of the Bport Rickshaw Drivers Union both looked like they rolled out of Redwood Lounge before this filming!

Coyote Roaming 31rst St

The Bnews has learned that a coyote has currently relocated from the South Loop area to east 31rst St.  Cook County officials report the coyote is radio banded and has made its home in an unpopulated area near the old Michael Reese Hospital.  The Bnews has contacted its wildlife expert Mr. Chitown Cowboy to keep us informed on the latest tactics for dealing with these dangerous animals in an urban setting should the coyote move west and register in the 11th ward.

Chicago Game of Thrones?

Unfortunately Time Out Chicago's article left Bridgeport off the list.  We're guessing most locals would consider Winterfell our counterpart.

Charles Comiskey Biography Reviewed

 Who knew that the former White Sox owner was the son of Bridgeport alderman? The always excellent writers at the Bnews favorite White Sox blog have the skinny on the new bio of the Old Roman: "Turning the Black Sox White".

Timebomb's Gym Set to Open in May

The Bnews' favorite pugilist Frankie "Timebomb" Scalise is set to open his new gym and boxing center on Halsted next month.  Our friends at DNA Chicago ran a great story  about this local boxing legend's investment in the neighborhood.  Best of luck to "Timebomb" and his effort to improve local fitness.

E Waste Drop-Off at IIT

Drop off your unwanted E-waste at IIT this Saturday: 3200 S Wabash from 10am-3pm.